Happy New Year

April 10, 2009 § 3 Comments

Up Berwick Law with a thermos and ecstatically moist cake.



§ 3 Responses to Happy New Year

  • Alice says:

    Will log in and try to link to follow your blog – is that how it is done?
    Wordpress is far too advanced for me..

    nice to have found you,
    alice (the yurt)

    • have you just started blogging proper? well welcome…you can see that the travelling bookbinder blog is rather behind the times. booksineverything more aposite (if that’s how you spell it…) and oh i was at the Usher Hall last night, way up in the Upper C…agree with your judgements and enjoyed all…except woman three rows down with jangly bracelets….were you ushering? thought i saw you…r x

      • Dappled says:

        Was indeed, in the grand. Glad you enjoyed it! That was my last shift, sob sob, before I head down again for the masters. Have been referring everyone in the world to your website (which is so so pretty!), recently, and am so tempted to try a little bookbinding. Am aiming to learn to embroider this winter, and sewing up tiny paper gift books seems a lovely logical leap!

        Hope you are keeping well, and hope to see you at christmas? we could sip mulled wine and talk shop a little. (willblogroll booksineverything in the meantime.)

        a x

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