Books at Bovey

June 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Goodness; what a wet, windy, whirligig of a weekend! Here are some notes after The Contemporary Craft Festival…

The first intern of 2012 did commendable gluing, sticking and general preps. Most helpful.

Emma, an MLitt student from Stirling University, wrote about the experience here. She is now fully converted to the afternoon play on Radio 4.

The days rolled round ridiculously fast. Somehow my entire stand, display, welly boots and colourful wardrobe essentials made it onto Platform Seven at Edinburgh Waverley in time for the eight hours and six minutes train ride. Phewee.

Luggage by Mandarina Duck, Melissa Simpson, Sketchbook and various flea markets…

Having scoped out Bovey for best Homity Pie supplier and paid homage to Arnold’s hardware shop, I joined the rabble of boxes and bubble-wrap in the marquee, to set out my wares on stand A 26.

Unscrolling thick cartridge paper and unscrewing the ink pot lid, I dipped and scribed until the special signage in free-style calligraphy was done.

And then a rollercoaster three days of visitors and smiles and sales and mailing lists and workshop recruits.

Having been a Penguin Monitor at Port Lockroy I HAD to order a particular pendant from Helen Noakes…..Tops!

Thank you to Sarah James and Nina Fox.

Now slumped on sofa. Not quite ready for the next thing. Regrouping.


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